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About  Zeconex

Zeconex stands as the preeminent manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems and battery energy storage systems, complete with solar inverters seamlessly integrated into the global market. Our headquarters is situated in Shenzhen, China.

The entirety of our extensive range of new energy products is produced in-house, affording us meticulous control over every facet of quality and functionality. Whether it be an electric vehicle charger, a battery energy storage system, or a solar inverter, we possess the capability to customize these solutions to align with the specific requirements of your energy projects, facilitating the realization of your clean energy initiatives.

Within our product portfolio, one finds an array of offerings, including Portable Chargers, AC Chargers, DC Chargers, Power Modules, Cloud Management Systems, Mobile Apps, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Portable Power Stations, Home Energy Storage Systems, and Inverters. Each of these has been independently developed by our team and has been successfully exported to over 30 countries and regions since 2012.

Our team of experts in electric vehicle chargers, battery energy storage, and inverters manufacturing excels in comprehending your energy needs and translating them into durable solutions that seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure. To ensure the superiority of our products in the market, we exclusively employ high-quality raw materials.

With a top-notch Research and Development team located both in China and internationally, boasting extensive experience in international protocols, we are well-equipped to provide OEM/ODM services to clients worldwide. We extend a warm welcome to prospective partners interested in joining forces with us.

Professional EV Charger, Energy Storage, Solar Inverters and Solar Panels Supplier

Zeconex stands as a state-of-the-art, advanced manufacturing hub for electric vehicle chargers, energy storage solutions, and solar inverters, headquartered in China. Employing high-quality components and raw materials, we guarantee the optimal performance and enduring reliability of our electric vehicle chargers, energy storage systems, and solar inverters. Our overarching goal is to introduce innovative and sophisticated products in the realms of electric vehicle charging, energy storage, and solar technology, contributing to an improved, smarter, and cleaner way of life for our customers.

One-stop Solutions For Your Home & Business

We Control The Production

Technical Proficiency

As a reputable manufacturing company specializing in electric vehicle charging systems and battery energy storage systems integrated with solar inverters in China, we possess a comprehensive understanding of your energy requirements and are dedicated to fulfilling them with expertise. Our commitment to quality is evident in our utilization of top-of-the-line batteries and cutting-edge production machinery, ensuring the production of electric vehicle charging systems, battery energy storage systems, and solar inverters of the highest standard.

Quality Control

At Zeconex, we prioritize the utmost quality in our products. Our team of experts meticulously conducts quality checks at every stage of the electric vehicle charger, battery energy storage system, and solar inverters manufacturing process. This stringent approach ensures that we deliver products with an impressively low failure rate of under 1‰, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

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10+ Years Factory Direct

More than 10+ years Leading Manufacture in EV charging , Energy Storage and Inverters Industry.

One-stop Resource

We are a total-solution provider of hardware and software, as well as one-stop customization.

Production Capacity

We own 3 factories more than 300 employees and over 20,000 square meters.

OEM/ODM Customization

Our top R&D team support us to offer OEM/ODM service for our clients all over the world.


We only focus on the best quality products to make sure our business partners relieved.

Strong R&D

We committed to product innovation all days to meet the edge-leading demand of the market. 

Service as Excellent as Quality

Customer Satisfaction

As a dedicated supplier of EV chargers, battery energy storage, and solar inverters, meeting the needs of our customers is our paramount commitment. Our team of experts is readily available to attentively listen to the distinctive requirements of your energy projects and provide tailored advice and solutions. If you find that our existing product range does not precisely align with your needs, we are fully equipped to design a customized solution exclusively for you. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

After-Sales Follow-Up

At Zeconex, our commitment to our customers extends far beyond the successful delivery of EV charging and battery energy storage products; it marks the commencement of a lasting relationship. We firmly believe in cultivating enduring partnerships, ensuring that whenever there is a requirement for customized EV chargers, battery energy storage, and solar inverters, Zeconex is the first name that comes to mind as the most reliable supplier in China. We maintain regular follow-ups with our clients, checking periodically to ensure that their EV chargers, battery energy storage, and solar inverters are performing as promised. This ongoing commitment underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and product reliability.

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